the journey to write

Are you a young storyteller that wants to upgrade your tale? Do you want it to be more than thoughts strung together?

Have you been writing for a while, but you feel like your work is going flat? Do you want to switch things up a bit to add some dazzle?

Do you struggle with finding motivation and a will to keep going? Do you want to finish writing that project… but you don’t know how to end it?

Are you looking into writing in general, wanting to know how this “thing” works? How do you find out what to write? How do you make it look good??

I’m Vonnie (formally – not formerly :P- known as A. Y. Daniels, but I like Vonnie :D).

I started writing stories years ago. Recently, after taking a writing course for school and talking with some friends about writing, my desire to write and skill in doing so seemed to explode.

Ideas came for more and more stories and series, but the ideas especially bombarded me after attending an online writing retreat or Christian ladies. So many amazing ideas, I can’t keep up!

For anyone like me, moving from “Dreamer” to “Writer” to “Author” is such a difficult feat.

How does a writer make their own motivation to get it done? How does she get her ideas in order enough to follow through with one story at a time?

This blog is my journey in discovering new ways to do things; ideas that others suggest, ideas that I imagine might work, and also some ideas to challenge you, whether what you’re doing now works or not.

Will you join me in navigating this “writing thing”?

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